The Preparation and Construction Process of Stamped Concrete Vancouver BC

Stamped Concrete Vancouver BC

You should take some prior preparation for any stamped concrete Vancouver BC installation. You cannot start the installation of the concrete at a go. For it, you have to know how to prepare for the whole process because the process is not as simple as you assume it to be.

How Will You Prepare for The Construction of Stamped Concrete? 

Stamped Concrete

The concrete resembles different building materials like tiles, bricks, stones, and words, called stamped concrete. But to get the similarity in look, the concrete needs to stamp, pattern or texture. You can apply them to your pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, interior flooring, etc. Thus, the appearance of your areas becomes more beautiful. The benefits of stamped concrete are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Require little or no maintenance
  • A vast collection of colors and designs
  • Customized design opportunity
  • Even concrete surface

Take Preparation for Stamped Concrete Surface

The preparation of stamped concrete surfaces is not so complex. But you have to do it with the utmost care, too, so that you don’t mess up the easy things. The steps are as follows:


Subgrade Soil Preparation

The density of the subgrade soil should be very thick with an even surface. If you can’t maintain this, soil erosion may happen. As a result, the concrete slab will have some effects. If any part is not even, the soil around it will feel weak and fall ultimately.

Arrange The Forms Properly for Stamped Concrete

The concrete form will function as the barrier to hold the new and for concrete in a particular place. To make forms, people use metal or wood. After finishing the subgrade preparation, you should arrange the forms according to your taste or the shape of the deck. As a form will hold the concrete in the right place, it should be strong enough. Also, you should clean the corners of the form regularly.

Provision Of Reinforcement into The Stamped Concrete

You can use wire or steel bars as reinforcement materials for the stampede concrete. In addition, the larger driveways and deck reinforcement need to give the best support for stability. But it is not the same for the small areas. As there is steel, the soil erosion in the future will not be able to harm a lot.

Pouring Concrete

The concrete mix is prepared to pour through pipes or tubes in a specific area. You should complete the pouring quickly. Otherwise, the concrete may harden. If it is to pour concrete in a small place, you can carry the concrete through any bucket. But for large areas, you cannot do it.

Leveling The Surface

The pouring is done, and now it is the time to even the surface. For smooth finishing, you should use some tools as early as possible, such as the straight edges. You cannot take so much time as there is a chance to harden the concrete. Don’t leave any spot on the concrete surface.

Color The Stamped Concrete

You have to solar your stamped concrete now. It becomes easy when you know which things to use for coloring concrete:

  • Dry shake color hardeners
  • Integral color method
  • Liquid release agents
  • Stains


Integral Color Method

Here the color is added when the mixing of the concrete is being prepared. The color of the whole mixture will be the same. Even if the slash has a crack, the same color will peep from it. The exact amount of color should mix with the concrete. Otherwise, the color you will see will fade.

Dry Shake Color Hardeners

You have to apply the dry-shake color hardeners on the concrete surface with your hand. It is in powder form, so you will not face any problems. They sit easily between the sand and cement to make them less porous. You will find so many colors of these hardeners,

Powdered and Liquid Release Agents

The most used things are the powdered and liquid release agents. You need to pour the liquid after the dry shake hardeners are applied. The use of these agents will make the color of the surface brighter. You will get them in both liquid and powder form. But the powdered agents can give you the best result.

Stains On the Surface

By applying the above three steps, you will not be able to create multi-color stamped concrete. But you have a chance to use the stain on any designed area separately. You have to do it after the completion of the stamping process. After that, the color you will see will be natural and pleasant to look at.

Stamping Of the Concrete

To stamp your concrete, you need so many stamps with many designs. They usually are prepared from plastics or rubbers. Take the stamp mat in your hand and keep it on the concrete surface. Apply a little pressure after that. The stamping will take a little time. Do it quickly, and don’t give the concrete a chance to harden. Use sharp tools if there are required corrections by checking the lines.

Check The Joints

After finishing the curing, you need to check the joint lines thoroughly. Fix any cracks visible in your eyes using the integral-colored concrete. Besides, you can also install the contraction joint where you will see its need. It does not let the concrete shrink because of the temperature.

Cure The Stamped Concrete

When the stamping is finished, let the stamped concrete cure for the next 24 hours. If there is any powder agent, remove it using any smooth brush.

Sealing The Stamped Concrete

After the concrete is cured enough, you have to use the sealer over it. Along with providing a natural color to your concrete, the sealer also strengthens it multiple times.

Final Remark 

The stamped concrete Vancouver BC construction needs proper preparation before you start to work on it. You will have to advance step by step in this case. If you mess up anywhere, you cannot see the desired result on your stamped concrete. Let the contractors handle everything. You stay calm and enjoy the beautiful look of your stampede concrete!

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